All pieces of art are made by hand using
nature as an

The inspiration for the collection
comes from unexpectedly losing a loved one too soon.
When I was five years old, we suddenly lost my uncle.
I believe that even though our loved ones are gone
from the physical world,
they are still close by and we can feel them near us.
I feel like they guide us in the right direction.






They come to us in dreams.
When I look at the stars, there is a connection
between me and my uncle.
Our loved ones are gone, but not actually gone.
They are part of the stardust and the universe.
We will meet them again. It gives me comfort.

Small Things

The Small Things series was born when the corona pandemic hit Finland in the spring of 2020. In a time of fear, sadness, and loneliness, missing family and friends, our family started going on forest walks.

My grandmother, Anja

My grandmother Anja is a
series I did for 2 years after my
grandmother had a stroke and
her right side got paralyzed.
She still lives at home
and my mother is her caregiver.
It raises questions like, what is best,
living at home
or a nursing center?