What Does a DevOps Engineer Do? A Career Guide

Planning, risk management, and performance optimization can all benefit from them. While dealing with multiple projects at a time, it is important to track the progress, tasks and bugs for managing all the work in one place. Tools such as Jira, Trello, etc. are helpful in tracking everything on a centralized platform.

Essential Skills for a DevOps Engineer

As a DevOps engineer, you’ll also need to become familiar with Version Control Systems (VCS). These tools help developers, and DevOps engineers track updates to their source code repository. DevOps engineers optimize the system release cycle by reducing the time and resources needed for projects or updates.

DevOps FAQ

You should be familiar with cron, AWS Lambda (the serverless functions service), CloudWatch Events, SNS and others. You’ll also weigh the pros and cons of using IaaS services versus PaaS and other managed services when designing and recommending solutions. An AWS DevOps engineer is expected to be a subject matter expert on AWS services, tools and best practices. Product development teams will come to you with questions on various services and to ask for recommendations on what service to use and when. As such, you should have a well-rounded understanding of the varied and numerous AWS services, their limitations and alternate (non-AWS) solutions that might serve better in particular situations.

Essential Skills for a DevOps Engineer

A career as a DevOps engineer might appeal to you if you have technical hard skills in various platforms, as well as soft skills, such as effective and timely communication. Another way to gain DevOps skills and understand the DevOps process is by participating in CompTIA https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/middle-senior-devops-engineer/ training. CompTIA offers many training options that cater to every learning style and need. Through CompTIA training, IT pros who want to work in DevOps will not only gain critical DevOps skills, but they will also be fully prepared for their CompTIA certification exam.

IT Operations & Production Systems Management

Following the conference, DevOps started to grow in popularity worldwide. In 2013, DevOps was featured in ‘The Phoenix Project‘ (written by George Spafford, Kevin Behr, and Gene Kim). IT manager Bill uses DevOps to complete a major project in 90 days in the book.

Essential Skills for a DevOps Engineer

This includes being able to troubleshoot and fix problems as they arise. Automation is a key part of DevOps, and so DevOps engineers need to be able to automate tasks using tools such as Puppet, Chef, and Ansible. Continuous monitoring is used to monitor application performance, downtimes, error logs, etc. So, a DevOps Engineer must be able to handle any scripting language and must be well-versed with at least one scripting language (preferably Python).

What is DevOps Engineer?

DevOps engineers play an increasingly important role in enterprise security, both in development and operations. On the development side, DevOps teams must create secure code, be conscientious of open source software, perform vulnerability testing in the CI/CD pipeline and more. On the operations side, a DevOps engineer must implement security practices such as encryption for data at rest and in flight. This responsibility can overlap with more formal security tasks, such as managing antimalware and intrusion protection platforms.

The video below will help you understand the basics of DevOps, who is a DevOps engineer and career roadmap for a DevOps engineer. While DevOps is still developing, DevOps engineers are becoming increasingly important in businesses with extensive (yet critical) IT systems. The benchmark tests each DevOps engineer uses are organization and project-dependent, though they usually use tests that adhere to the seven benchmarking principles. DevOps engineers track the day-to-day running of IT infrastructure through benchmark testing. Benchmark testing helps them identify areas of inefficiency in the system and mitigate potential issues before they arise. DevOps engineers are essentially the backbone of their IT departments — creating integrated, user-friendly systems quickly.

Top Skills for a DevOps Engineer

They should identify the correct point in the SDLC to conduct application security and compliance testing. They should be able to “shift left” and incorporate testing as early as possible into the development and delivery lifecycle. DevOps engineers must advocate for security and compliance across developers and operations teams. Organizations are increasingly supplementing or replacing manual testers with the software development engineer in test (SDET) role.

  • This may be someone whose focus is to manage the CI/CD tooling or develop and maintain automated test suites.
  • Here is an example of a couple of blockchain jobs I notice for Developers with uniques skills.
  • While some DevOps engineers resolve system errors manually, others leave this to the full-stack developers.
  • Therefore, it is important to keep track of all the codes in one place.
  • As of June 28, 2021, the average DevOps engineer salary in the United States was $118,872.
  • “Larger organizations have many more moving parts and problems that must be solved.” During the job interview process, DevOps engineers should highlight their organizational skills and attention to detail.

CertMaster CE also helps you get the updated knowledge and skills included in the most current version of your certification exam. They should have the ability to deploy and automate secure cloud environments that support the high availability of business systems and data. Strong NLP skills, proficiency in libraries like NLTK and spaCy, and experience in NLP-based applications are highly sought after by companies working on chatbots, language translation, and sentiment analysis. They are responsible for managing servers, code, and many other components in a software project. They routinely employ numerous tools and calculators to facilitate their daily activities.

Knowledge of automation tools like Source Code Management (SCM) and Ansible, an open-source automation tool, is also important. R&T Deposit Solutions is a leading provider of bank platforms and insured banking products. Reich & Tang was founded by a team of experts in the financial services industry with decades of experience in cash management, technology, operations, and product creation & delivery.

Essential Skills for a DevOps Engineer

DevOps practices vary between organizations, but ultimately, they involve getting code through development and into production quickly. DevOps engineer skills should include knowledge of PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby and other programming languages. DevOps engineers also benefit from a background in continuous integration management tools such as Jenkins, Apache Maven or Apache Ant. The DevOps Engineer Job Description includes several essential skills and also there are some DevOps Engineer roles and responsibilities. First and foremost, a DevOps Engineer should have a strong understanding of the software development lifecycle, including continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. This understanding allows them to develop and maintain the necessary tools and systems that automate the software development process.






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